Who Are We?

Our names are Aleetia and Makayla and we are the creators of White Moon Creations. Our story goes way back, we’ve known each other since we were just 5 years old, we grew up down the street from each other and we naturally became best friends and were inseparable for years to come. Even when Makayla moved half way across the country we still stayed in touch by daily face time calls and yearly trips. No matter the distance between us we always knew when we missed each other we could look up and see the same moon, it was our special way of staying connected together.

Since we were kids we always talked about the day we would have our own business together, as the years went on so did the dream, every visit or FaceTime call we would always talk about our dreams and goals, the spark for our business would only keep growing.

I (Aleetia) had always had a love for making and creating art, it was my outlet. After I had my daughter and became a stay at home mom I fell into a hard depression and with Makayla's help and encouragement I started spending my free time making jewelry, it was something that helped me find my light again and gave me even more inspiration.

We had already been talking about business ideas and wanted to turn our passions into a career, we talked about jewelry, candles, resin art, and much more but couldn’t decide on one particular thing, so we decided why must we tie ourselves down to one thing? Make a business where there’s no limits on your creativity and to be able to reach all walks of people, to show regardless how many dreams you have and how long you’ve been holding onto that dream that you can make it possible. Here we are today finally seeing those dreams we've talked about for years start to blossom into something beautiful.