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We have an extremely wide variety in kinds of necklaces, from wire... 

Pinecone Pendants

Pinecone Pendants

Hand cut and made unique pinecone pendants, every single pinecone has a... 

Knobcone Pinecones

The knobcone pinecones are truly one of the most unique pinecones out there. These pinecones will stay closed shut for up to 20-30+ years unless a fire comes through, then they will open and disperse their seeds along the burnt land. When you cut through these pinecones they will each display their own unique print, no 2 pinecones will ever have the same print just like we as humans are all different from one another and unique in our own ways.

In our company we also try to make a strong effort to be as hands on as possible when it comes to our pinecones. We travel far and wide to collect our pinecones ourselves, when we open up our pinecones we make sure to pick out the seeds as much as possible so when we go collect more pinecones we can put the seeds back out because when you take from Mother Nature you should always give back to her as well.

Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers are when you take notice in seeing repetitive sequences of three or four numbers around you. Angel numbers have spiritual significance and deeper meanings behind them, when you see these your guardian angel is trying to send you a message or point you in a direction.

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